Torxfast Screws

Professional, high-performance multi-purpose woodscrews. 
Ideal for fixing into most wood applications. 

- A deep Torx head ensures reduced cam-out, higher torque levels and a firmer drive.
- A super sharptip gives immediate bite from the very first turn.
- Unique single threaded, spiral shank drives into most substrates -including hardwood - with ease.
- Hardened case and core give exceptional strength.
- Recessed under-head ribs provide superb countersinking.
- A Cr6+, yellow/zinc plated surface provides corrosion resistance.
- Impressive pull out value and less risk of working loose when used in substrates that flex in use.
- Flexes to 35º reducing likelihood of screw shearing when used in substrates that flex in use.
- CE approved for use in load-bearing timber construction.
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