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Product Description

A fast, non-disruptive repair solution for minimising further cracking.

The stainless steel helical bars can be bonded into bed joints to stitch cracks, redistributing tensile forces and stabilising the structure. On completion, the bars are concealed, retaining the original character of the wall.

Manufactured from austenitic (grade 304) stainless steel, helical reinforcing bar provides the ideal solution for crack stitching repairs and masonry reinforcement. The twisted shape of the wire is achieved via a cold rolling process to provide high tensile strength when combined with thixotropic masonry grout.

WHO-60 is a high performance masonry repair grout. Use as a brick slip adhesive or for bonding crack stitching bars in walls for retrofit masonry reinforcement. When applied it fills all voids and rapidly develops compressive strength. Suitable for most substrates including concrete, brick, stone and blocks. 


Masonry Crack Repair Kit