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 The cavibrick is a high performance ventilator which may be used instead of a conventional air-brick. 
Manufactured to brick dimensions, the cavibrick promotes a high air throughput, via a front louvred grille. The louvres are proportioned to maximise performance whilst contouring the air to challenge throughdraughts. The louvres are also spaced to comply with the latest BS requirements but have been staggered to offer also an insect resistant screen which is not offered on some standard airbricks. The cavibrick incorporates a water dam back to prevent rain penetration and crossflow separators. Moulded in a range of colours, the cavibrick may be used singularly, or in multiples. The cavibrick is fully compatible with our range of telescopic and straight sleeves.
BS polypropylene, in TERRACOTTA or BEIGE (click on dropdown menu)
Approx. size 220mm x 60mm x 70mm.
Free airflow 7,500mm2 per cavibrick.
May be used singularly or in multiples by clipping together.




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