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Visual Signs of Wall Ties Failure

Ancon wall ties play an important role in the construction of any masonry. The job of the wall ties are to tie the visible outer cavity of the wall of the building to its structural and load bearing inner leaf. After a particular period of time, the wall ties corrode and thus its strength loosens up. In such a condition of wall tie failure, the inner as well as the outer leaf of the building become independent of each other. Thereafter, the building becomes structurally unsafe and can be danger for those who are in it and are around it.

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This article focuses around the visual signs of damaged or corroded wall ties in the masonry walls. Take a quick look on these signs:

  • Vertical or horizontal cracks in brickwork: The vertical or horizontal cracks are normally caused due to corrosion of the wall ties. As the wall tie corrodes, the metallic oxide is produced that takes up more than the non-corroded wall tie would require. Thus the bricks that are placed above and below the wall ties are forced apart and therefore cracking the mortar bed. If this issues spread within your property, then you will ultimately notice that it will occur to every six course of the brick that is up to 450mm.
  • Bulging Brickwork: Bulging brickwork can be seen in the areas where the corrosion of the wall ties and resultant expansion in the masses force the outer skin to either move up or down. If there is no space for the skin to expand, then the brickwork itself bulge outwards causing bulge.
  • Cracks or Separation of Window Reveals: This is normally seen in the internal walls of the property. When the movement is happened, it causes gaps and cracking that can appear between the window frames and window reveals. In addition to it, the depth of the window reveal can also appear as consistent due to wall ties being corroded.
  • Lintels lifting or sagging: Due to the wall ties being corroded, the expansion that occurs causes certain amount of movement. This can push up the lintels either upwards or downwards. This same can appear in the window sills.

It is vital that you notice and take remedial actions for getting the masonry repaired. Today, ancon wall ties are being used in the construction of the building as there’s much increased resistance to rusting and corrosion.

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