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Cracks on the Walls & What You Need to Do About it

So, you’ve shifted all the furniture back to its place after a long week of whitewashing your house. At first, your house looks clean and new. And while shifting, you take a closer look at the job done by the painters and you find that cracks in the paints. When you notice wall cracks in the walls, it can be due to a cosmetic problem or it could give us a hint towards a serious issue, that is, structural ones.

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How would you identify the cracks in the walls?

A good sign of structural damage in the wall is to look at how long and wide is the wall crack. If the crack goes more than 1.5 inches wide, if the crack appears even after a number of repairs, or you find it difficult to close the windows and doors, then might be a signal towards the structural issues. At this time, it is best that you address this issue to a professional crack wall repair.

What are the reasons of cracks that appear on the walls?

  • Contraction & Expansion: The materials like paint and plaster the make up the masonry walls contract and expand due to the changes in the humidity and temperature. This situation is common in the rooms that are fully air-conditioned or that faces sun quite a lot. This contraction and expansion can cause hairline cracks to appear.
  • Low quality paint: If the paints are of low quality, then it results in poor paint adhesion. This causes cracks. Also, if we use different quality of the paints of different coats, then it could also cause cracks on the walls.
  • Impatience during plaster work: Most of the times, the workers do not let the cement and plaster dry up and then they apply paint. This is the most common factor that gives rise to cracks.
  • Poor paint job: Painting an entire may involve a huge amount of work and it would be hectic for an individual to rush through this process. At the time of whitewashing, some of the mistakes like missing out on the layers, not letting the previous paint coat to dry up, all these things can affect the quality of the house.

If you find any crack developing on the surface of the walls, its better that you identify the type of crack and call for crack wall repair.

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