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Benefits of Crack Stitching for your Walls

One of the most famous saying, “A stitch in time saves nine”, this implies that if we sew up a small hole or a tear in a piece of a cloth or any other material, then it literally saves up the need of more stitching in the future when the damage is more than it should happen. This same philosophy comes true when it comes to the crack or any kind of damage occurred in our homes. Our homes should be undergone for regular inspections and also time to time maintenance should be done in order to keep the problems away. If we ignore a little crack on the wall and not get it repaired at the proper time, then it might happen that it increases in size. In most of the cases, it happens that the small hole results in the gaping fracture. These cracks and holes are a sign that the house has undergone a serious damage and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

wall crack stitching

Cracked wall are literally weaker than the well maintained walls. The effective way to treat the cracks of the walls is not to ignore it but to repair it. It will also strengthen the wall by crack stitching the holes or cracks. It will ensure that the walls have regained its strength. Crack stitching is a way in which masonry walls regain its stability. It ties and reinforces the masonry walls for the fracture to be repaired. This is the reason so as to why helical bars are used for crack stitching. These bars are used to stitch the gaps to strengthen the masonry walls.

There is a process that is being followed for the helical bars being used for the purpose of crack stitching repair. For example, if the method of crack stitching is to done for the walls made up of bricks and stones, then the helical bars are put into the slots that are cut into the mortar beds. This is usually done to ensure that the crack stitching repairs are fully concealed as it leaves the wall looking untouched. Whenever the reinforcement is applied to the fractured areas, there is no need of fixing them in the mortar as the slots can easily be cut in the masonry walls. This is a stronger way of tying the cracks together that results in cracks being strongly repaired.

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