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Causes of Cracks in the Masonry Walls

One can find a number of cracks that occur in the walls of the old masonries. These cracks can be minor and also can be major. Some of the cracks require extensive repairing and in some of the cases, the only solution to wall crack repair is the total destruction of the wall. The causes of cracks in the buildings may be due to the movement of the building that causes settlement and subsidence.

wall crack repair

Common Causes of Cracks in Masonry Walls

·    Settling & Subsidence: When the home is first built, some amount of soil is required to be excavated. The amount of soil that is excavated usually depends on the type of home you build. Some types of homes need more soil disruption. This disturbed soil becomes compacted and settle down and this causes a wall to crack.

·   Reactive Soils: A reactive soil is a kind of soil that expands when it is moist and contracts when it is dry. You can conduct a soil testing so that you can judge whether your soil is highly reactive and this might also be a reason for the cracks in the walls.

·    Climate & Seasonal Changes: The climatic & seasonal changes such as flood and drought can also result in the contraction and expansion of the soil. This can lead in cracking of the wall.

·   Poor Initial Design or Poorly-Constructed Extension Work: The cracking of the wall can also occur due to the poor initial design of the building or the extension work is poorly constructed. Too much of the weight on the load bearing wall can also result in the crack. The faulty kind of building materials used at the time of extension work can also result in the cracking of walls.

  • Water Damage: Water related issues such as garden sprinklers, blocked or leaked pipes, flood damage and blocked gutters can also cause the wall cracks.

  • Degradation of Building Materials: Poor maintenance or weathering can also take toll on the materials. When building materials starts to toll, it might cause cracks in the walls.

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