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Product Description

The TECO Superior Stainless Steel Universal Wall Starter Kit offers a reliable and durable solution for joining new walls to existing masonry, suitable for both internal and external brick or block walls. The connectors can be slotted together up to a maximum of 8 metres or 3 storeys high, from 60 to 250mm thick.

Below is an in-depth description of the product:

Product Features:

  • High-Quality Construction: The stainless steel profiles are designed for longevity and strength, ensuring a secure connection between walls.
  • Versatile Design: With slots at the end of each profile for easy connection, this kit allows for flexibility in wall length and height.
  • Easy Installation: The twist and slide wall ties, along with coach screws and wall plugs, facilitate a straightforward installation process.
  • Complete Kit: The package includes 2x1200mm profiles, 10 wall connector ties, 5 coach screws, wall plugs, and washers, providing all necessary components for a quick setup.


  • Sturdy Connection: The wall connectors are robust and provide a stable link between new and existing walls, enhancing structural integrity.
  • Adaptable to Different Wall Thicknesses: Suitable for walls ranging from 60 to 250mm thick, this kit accommodates various construction requirements.
  • Secure Fixation: The included coach screws ensure a secure attachment of the profiles to the existing wall, offering peace of mind for long-term stability.

Price and Value:

  • Competitive Pricing: This kit offers good value for money with quality construction and comprehensive components.
  • Free Delivery: The added benefit of free delivery makes this kit even more appealing to customers looking for cost-effective solutions.

Overall Impression: The TECO Superior Stainless Steel Universal Wall Starter Kit impresses with its robust construction, versatility, and ease of installation. Whether for new constructions or renovations, this product provides a reliable and practical solution for securely joining walls. With its competitive pricing and inclusive features, it stands as a valuable addition to any construction project requiring a dependable wall starter system.